Custom-Made Cross Stitch Patterns

You asked for it, and we heard you!! We will create, especially for you, a custom-made cross stitch pattern from your treasured photo, drawing or any image that you hold dear.

Simply email your image to us at and we will design your pattern to your specifications. Your pattern will be delivered to you as a downloadable file that you can print out from your own computer.

How we do it:

We will use the same care and attention to detail that we use when we design our fine art cross stitch patterns.

We offer basic color correction, cropping, auto-contrasting, black and white conversion, and other special requests that you may have.

Your cross stitch pattern will include only full cross stitches – no backstitches, outlining or complicated stitches.

We may use up to 90 colors to create the exquisite details in your pattern, but we try to use the fewest amount of colors possible while maintaining the integrity of the original image.

How to order your Custom-Made pattern:

Email your high-quality image to us at

Specify the size (in inches) that you would prefer your completed pattern to be

We will send you an image of what your pattern will look like when stitched

If you would like to change anything, email us and we will try to accommodate your changes and send you an updated image

When you are satisfied, we will send you a link to where you can pay for and download your cross stitch pattern.  Snail mail not available for custom-made patterns.

Note: We will do our best to accommodate your wishes regarding the requested finished size of your pattern. If we cannot design a quality pattern at the size you request, we’ll make recommendations for how to improve your pattern.

Default Specifications:

We design most patterns to use 18-ct aida fabric, unless you specify a different size cloth.

By default, our cover pages include the finished dimensions for 14, 18 and 24-ct fabric.  Let us know if you use a different size.

All patterns are large-print – to make them easy to read. This means that your pattern may contain as many as 40 pages for larger patterns.

All patterns are designed using DMC brand floss.  A DMC Shopping List is included with each pattern, to help you collect the floss you'll need.

An Instruction sheet is included, clearly showing you how to follow the pages of the chart throughout the booklet.

A Care and Cleaning Instruction Sheet is included, courtesy of the DMC Corporation.


Our introductory price for a custom-made cross stitch pattern is $25.00.

We accept PayPal and most major credit cards.

If your photo needs substantial corrections in order to create a viable pattern, additional fees may apply.

Email your photo to us today:, and we will get the process started!

You never pay for your pattern unless you are satisfied with the results that we send you!

Sample Custom-Made Cross Stitch Patterns
October 2016
Custom cross stitch pattern - November 2016


 Designed for Donna Ehrich.  Click image for close-up

September 2016
Custom cross stitch pattern

Designed for Jimmy Guillermo Suárez.  Click image for close-up


July 2016
Custom cross stitch pattern

Designed for Anna Marlene Swertfeger.  Click image for close-up


March, 2016

Designed for Jimmy Guillermo Suárez.  Click image for close-up


December 2013

Designed for Sara Gil Gregorio.  Click image for close-up